House Mixed Nuts • $4


Irish Vegetable Soup • $7.50

This traditional Irish soup uses simple ingredients, which in years gone by were easily available in rural Irish kitchens.


Garden Salad • $10

Mixed greens with vegetables and housemade balsamic vinaigrette.


Caesar Salad • $11

Simple classic caesar made with romaine lettuce, housemade croutons and real caesar dressing.




Boudin Balls • $9

A New Orleans favourite, marinated and slow cooked local pork mixed with basmati rice and Creole seasoning. Shallow fried until crispy and tasty. Served with our delicious creole mayo.


Duck and Pork Rillette • $12.50

A French spread similar to pate made with shredded duck and pork. 

Served with bread and pickles.


Pick 3 Spreads • $12.50

Bacon Jam • Smoked Trout Schmear • Baba Ghanoush • Romesco • Hummus

Select three of the above for a great variety board.  Served with crostini or crudite.


Bacon Jam • $11

A delicious sweet and savoury spread. Served with crostini and mixed nuts.


Smoked Trout Schmear • $12

A rich and velvety cream cheese & smoked trout spread. Served with crostini or crudite.


Baba Ghanoush • $10

A Levantine dish of mashed, cooked eggplant, mixed with tahini, olive oil, and various seasonings. 

Served with bread and olives.


Romesco • $10

A roasted tomato, pepper and almond spread. Served with bread.


Hummus • $10

Chickpea, garlic and tahini. Served with crostini or crudite.




Our boards are made with an artisanal selection pickles, spreads 

and toasts.  Perfect for sharing also.


Charcuterie • $21


Cheese • $21


Cheese and Charcuterie • $25


Vegetable Board • $15




French Canadian Meat Pie • $16

Served with mixed greens and butter pickles.


Red Wine Braised Beef Stew • $15

Local beef cooked in red wine with carrots, celery, potatoes and mushrooms. 

Served with a slice of bread with butter. 


Ploughmans Lunch • $16

There’s no better pub grub than the ploughman’s lunch.

A traditional selection of meat, egg, cheese, veggies and salads.


Smoked Trout  • $12.50

Served with caper berries and red onion.


Carnitas Tacos • $12

Two pulled pork, red pepper, and onion tacos slow cooked in orange and grapefruit. 

Served with nacho chips, salsa verde and guacamole. 




Grilled Cheese or Hot Dog and ketchup. Served with kids beverage • $8




Chocolate Mousse • $7.50

Maple Crème Brûlée • $7.50

Berries and Cream • $8.50