Brunch Menu

Breakfast Sandwich • $12
Bacon, egg, gruyere cheese and bechamel sauce on toasted fresh bread. Served with side potato and Mediterranean salad.

Lox Bagel • $14
Ocean Organic smoked salmon on a bagel with cream cheese, tomato, red onion, cucumber and capers. Served with side Mediterranean salad.

Guacamole Toast • $9
Fresh quacamole served with tomato, red onion and cucumber on toasted fresh bread. Served with side Mediterranean salad.

Sweet Berry Bagel • $8
Bagel served with cream cheese, fresh seasonal berries and mint. Served with side Mediterranean salad.

Pancakes • $12
A pile of delicious mini pancakes served with fresh seasonal berries and real maple syrup.



Pancakes • $5 // Bacon •  $5 // Potato • $4


Lunch/Dinner Menu 


Irish vegetable soup and our brown bread • $8
Traditional family recipe uses simple ingredients which historically were readily available in rural kitchens.  

Caesar salad • Small $7 • Large $12 • w/Chicken • $18
Romaine lettuce, house-made croûtons, bacon and The Porch Light caesar dressing. 

House salad • $8
Greens, red pepper, green & red onion, croûtons, cheese, house maple vinagerette. 

Craft chips & vegan queso dip • $8

Nachos & salsa • $8

Shrimp toast • $15
Organic Ocean’s Oceanwise Pacific pink shrimp spread on house toast.

Smoked salmon • $15
Organic Ocean’s Oceanwise cold-smoked wild Sockeye Salmon.


The Porch Light Boards $16/$32

Cheese and Charcuterie






Vegetable curry • $18
Made in house from fresh ingredients. Ask your server about today’s.

The Cubano • $18
Pulled pork, spicy genoa salami, shaved ham, swiss cheese, butter pickle, and mustard pressed on fresh house bread.

Tacos – Pulled pork, chicken, fish or vegan • $18 
Served with guac, red onion, bell peppers, cheese and herbed aioli.

Nachos • $16 – Add pork or chicken $4 – Add jalapeno $1.50 
Cheese, green onion, bell peppers with guacamole and salsa.

Gourmet grilled cheese - $18
Artisanal summer sausage, caramelized onions and gruyere and cheddar panini pressed on fresh house bread served with craft potato chips.

For the kids • $10

Grilled Cheese // Hot Dog // Caesar Salad 

Cheese & Charcuterie Irish Vegetable Soup & Veggies


Dessert • $10

Royally luxurious dessert made from scratch.

Cheescake or Pie and ice-cream.