Matthieu de Brully Pinot Noir 2020 (6oz)

5 Generations of experience from Burgundy France are behind this wine. The delicate expression of the fruit is enhanced by its purity, freshness, and good concentration of flavour.

Calm Gin Sour/Averna's Bourbon

Choose either a wonderful Grapefuit Gin Sour made with lime juice and Malfy, or the classic Averna's Bourbon made with a wonderful blend of Bourbon and

Averna, accented with Angostura bitters


Braised Beef Cheek Tostada

Chilli and beer braised beef with pickled onion, pea shoots, and feta

Smoked Salmon Tostada

Smoked salmon with whipped herbed cream cheese, charred corn, cucumber, and a cilantro sauce


Chef's Charcuterie

Chef's special charcuterie with a lovely assortment of meats, cheeses, and house pickled items

Spinach Dip

Creamy spinach dip with roasted garlic and mixed cheeses, served with warmed pita and crostini



Classic house madeItalian tiaramisu

Trifle Cup

Individual trifle cups with house made cake and seasonal components layered with a vanilla cream

Menu brought to you in partnership with LaFontana - Elora - $45 per person, minimum 2 people to share