Brunch Menu

 Brunch Menu (Served until 2pm)

Breakfast Sandwich $12 – Bacon, gruyere, beschamel egg and baguette with house potato.


*Lox Bagel $12 – Ocean Organic smoked salmon on our house made bagel with cream cheese, tomato, sliced onion, cucumbers, and capers. Served with house potato.


*Guacamole Toast $8 – Housemade quacamole served with fresh tomato and onion on toast. 


*Sweet Berry Bagel $8 – Our house bagels served with cream cheese and fresh seasonal berries and fresh mint.


Pancakes $10 – A pile of delicious mini pancakes served with whipped cream and fresh seasonal berries and real maple syrup.


*Served with our house mediterranean salad.


Side Pancakes or bacon $5 Side potato $2.50